Hullavington Arms

Love these boys!

by , on
May 24, 2018

Hi peeps! Chipperfield here! I am loving my new home here 😍 I’ve recovered from my operation and am now back in full ply mode 😊 my brothers are the best 💜💜


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April 18, 2018

Chip has settled well and found himself in our little pack!! He has just been in for ‘the snip’ so is feeling a little down in the dumps!! Of course it wasn’t straight forward he had a retained testicle which was hiding right up by his kidney so complex for him and costly for us!! Will keep you updated on his progress!! 

Hello Hullavington!

by , on
September 6, 2017

We are the Hullavington Arms four legged crew! Oscar is the original team member – a white one he’s 10years old. Oscar likes to think he’s a purebred lab and above everyone else in the standing but we know there is a cross in there somewhere! Sol is the chocolate monster as our cute little friend Seb (age 4) likes to refer to him! Sol is aged around 5 or 6 and came from Spain. Totally reflected in his manyana manyana attitude!! The newest recruit is little Chipperfield aka chip! He is a spaniel of sorts and it almost completely blind and deaf. We are unsure of his age as of yet but will update as time goes on! #dogs #labrador #spanial #rescuedogs #hullavingtonarms #wiltshire #dogfriendly